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Handy Tax Tip for 2011/12

Hi there, Just a quick post to let you know that, if you haven’t already noticed, there’s a new page on the site titled ‘Handy Tax Tips’. Enjoy Sara Tweet

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Are you failing?

“If you care about your company, your customers, and the meaning of value, you’ll care enough to reexamine your definition of failure.” – Seth Godin   In a recent edition of the Harvard Business Review, Seth Godin (entrepreneur, author, blogger) wrote on excellent piece titled ‘Redefining Failure’.  In the article he asked the reader to […]

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Reaction to U.S downgrading

    An “addiction to debt” is how China described the U.S’s problem after Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the US AAA rating to AA+.   Through the state news agency, Xinhua, they went on to say that simply re-establishing “the common sense principle that one should live within its means” would be a […]

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